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The Uriage Thermal Water

The Uriage Thermal Water, a unique Water

Born in the heart of the French Alps, the Uriage Thermal Water has flowed for 75 years through the rocks. As the seasons pass by, it gets enriched with minerals and trace elements.

1600 meters altitude
11 grams per liter of dry

An active Water with a unique mineral composition of 11g/L

Natural Minerals
Sulfates : 2860 mg/l
Chloride 3500 mg/l
Sodium : 2360 mg/l
Bicarbonate : 390mg/l
Calcium : 600mg/l
Magnesium : 125 mg/l
Potassium : 45,5 mg/l
Silicon : 42 mg/l
Trace Elements
Zinc : 160 μg/l
Manganese : 154 μg/l
Copper : 75 μg/l
Iron : 15 μg/l

A protective Water soothing and moisturing, rich in minerals, reinforcing the barrier of the skin

Reduces virulence and adherence of microbes (1)
Restores physical barrier (2)
Modulates the immune barrier (3)
+ 32% of hydration in just 1 hour, lasting for 8 hours

An isotonic Water that acts, like a physiological serum, in osmosis with the skin’s cells.

Low mineralized Thermal Water
Minerals : 0,2 to 0,7g/L
Increases the size of cells
Uriage Thermal Water
Minerals : 11g/L
Does not modify the size or volume of cells
Sea water
Minerals : 35g/L
Reduces the size of cells

Uriage Thermal Water, the protective force of the French Alps in a spray bottle

Packaged directly at the source to preserve its multiple benefits, the Uriage Thermal Water Spray is essential to every beauty routine, every day, for everyone.

100% pure and natural

A treatment Water naturally moisturizing, protective and soothing

For all types of skin, for the whole family

Produit Eau Thermale


  • Irritated skin
  • Dermatosis
  • Eczema, redness
  • Eyelid dermatosis
  • Sun erythema
  • Post dermo-cosmetic procedure
  • Etc.


  • Hydration
  • Fixes make-up
  • After-shave
  • Radiance
  • After sport
  • After epilation
  • Etc.

*Assessment of the Uriage Thermal Water hydration by corneometry, over 10 subjects. CIDC.
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