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Prevention and treatment of diaper rash

Prevention and treatment of diaper rash

Diaper rash is irritation of the bottom that most often appears during the baby's first year. To prevent diaper rash, here are a few simple rules to follow !

1. Change your baby's diapers often, after each bowl movement or urine.

2. Change diapers after a meal rather than before.

3. Do not use diapers that are too small or tight, which cause skin chafing and prevent skin from breathing.

4. Wash your baby's bottom with lukewarm water and a gentle product specially adapted to his/her fragile skin.  Then, gently dry the skin by patting rather than rubbing.

5. Let your baby's bottom air-dry whenever possible in order to allow the skin to breathe.

6. Protect and isolate your baby's bottom to prevent rubbing against the diaper by using a specific skincare product, such as 1er Change cream to protect skin and prevent redness.

Proper hygiene and suitable cleansers will help you keep your baby's bottom soothed and protected !